Rebooting Capitalism - New book by Anthony Biglan, ORI Senior Scientist

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Date Published: 06/02/2020

Rebooting Capitalism: How We Can Forge a Society That Works for Everyone

A message from Dr. Biglan:

I wrote this book because I believe we have only begun to understand the implications of behavioral science progress for the future of society. There are parts of this book to which segments of the behavioral science community would say, “I already know this.” At the same time, there are facts and analyses that will be new to segments of the behavioral science community.

To do justice to the scope of behavioral science knowledge and its potential to guide the intentional evolution of societies toward much greater levels of well-being not just for humans but for every species on the planet.

I hope that if you are a behavioral scientist you will find this book helpful in getting clear about the direction we need to take and how we can move the enormous number of people who need to be actively engaged in the movement to bring about change.

I think the analysis and framework that I present could make a significant contribution to addressing the problems we face. And I think that most behavioral scientists will be in general agreement with the goals and values that I advocate in the reforms that are needed in every sector of society.

But even if the vast majority of behavioral scientists came together around some kind of framework along the lines that I propose, it will have only a tiny impact, if the knowledge that we have is not effectively shared with millions of people who know little or nothing about the behavioral sciences.

It is for this reason, that I ask you to communicate with everyone in your network about this book, if you feel that it can contribute to the evolution of more nurturing societies.

The book is full of action implications. But I think that the number one action that you could take to advance these views would be to communicate with everyone you can through all of your social networks – email, Facebook, Marco Polo, Twitter, LinkedIn, about the book.

It is in this context, that it might be worth mentioning that any profits that are made on the book will go to Values to Action, a nonprofit organization created to advance the reforms I describe in part three. I also invite you to become a member of values to action to support our efforts to bring about reform.