Promoting Healthy Child Development

Since the 1970’s, ORI researchers have studied the factors that lead to children’s social and academic success, as well as what leads to problem behaviors such as substance use, delinquency, and school failure. These ORI scientists partner with parents, schools, and communities to develop, adapt, implement, and test evidence-based programs to improve child outcomes and prevent the onset of problem behaviors.

Current Research

Fostering Social and Academic Success in School and Community Settings

Many factors influence how well a child does in school. ORI scientists are studying many of these factors by designing and testing effective reading and math curricula, researching the most effective way to teach children appropriate social behavior, and working with school staff to ensure that the school climate promotes academic and social excellence.

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Parenting and Family Strengthening for Healthy Child Development

Research shows that children’s social, emotional, and behavioral health outcomes improve when parents provide skilled and loving support and are actively involved in their children’s lives. Research also shows that evidence-based parenting programs help parents improve their parenting skills. ORI researchers have identified, developed, and studied several effective parenting programs and are leaders in working toward widespread adoption of these practices.

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Promoting Positive Youth Development through Healthy Communities

ORI researchers are helping community leaders provide youth with the best possible environment for growing up healthy and happy. ORI was instrumental in helping Oregon towns and cities with the promotion of anti-tobacco, pro-social activities. ORI researchers work with students, teachers, parents, and community leaders to find solutions to such issues as delinquency; underage access to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs; poor nutrition; physical inactivity; unsafe neighborhoods, and health disparities.