Depressed Mothers in Rural Areas: Web Facilitated Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (Mom-Net)

This Internet-delivered CBT intervention is a means to overcome barriers to service utilization, providing treatment to mothers of young children displaying elevated depressive symptoms. Currently recruiting participants.  Click here to learn more.

The project is designed to evaluate Mom-Net, an internet-facilitated cognitive-behavioral (CBT) intervention for depression, adapted from Lewinsohn’s Coping with Depression Course, and tailored to mothers of young children. Mom-Net, which was developed and piloted in a recently completed NIMH-funded investigation (MH070426), was designed to overcome the substantial barriers to treatment participation that exist for mothers experiencing economic hardship and those in rural communities.  

Currently recruiting participants.  Click here to learn more.


8/15/11 - 4/30/17


National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)


We are in our 3rd year and currently recruiting mothers with children aged 3-6. Call 1-877-862-6277 to find out if you're eligible.