Intranet based Tobacco Prevention Program for Children

In this study, Andrews and her team developed and evaluated a multi-media computer-based tobacco prevention program for 5th and 6th graders called Click City.

Judy Andrews and her team created and evaluated an effective, disseminable, and exciting computer-based tobacco prevention program for 5th and 6th grade students called Click City (c) . The goal of this school-based program was to decrease children’s behavioral intentions and willingness to use tobacco, and to prevent or delay their initiation of tobacco use. This program is unique both in its delivery system and the development process. The program is delivered over a school-based intranet (i.e., networked computers linked to a school-based server), which enables users to interact individually with the program and to share their experiences by receiving immediate feedback on their classmates’ responses. Components of the program were iteratively developed and evaluated to assure that they are effective at changing targeted theoretically-based mediating mechanisms.


3/1/04 - 1/31/13


National Cancer Institute (NCI)