Web and Mobile Smoking Cessation Intervention

The research team is testing whether providing program content via mobile phones increases long-term tobacco abstinence among participants in a best-practices Web-based smoking cessation intervention.

Evidence-based high-reach smoking cessation treatment via the Internet  has been recommended as a key element in a comprehensive approach to cessation and policy. One challenge of Internet-based cessation programs, however, is that program efficacy is diminished because participants often spend relatively little time accessing program content. To increase the public health impact of these Web interventions we need to learn how to increase people's use of the programs. One promising avenue is to add mobile phone  components to the Webbased program.  Danaher and his team are conducting a controlled test of combining a best-practices Web-based smoking cessation intervention with an integrated and tailored treatment program delivered to participants’ mobile phones. 

Mobile phones are used by more than 90% of Americans, most of whom keep their phones with them throughout the day. For this reason, we believe that mobile devices will play the key role in using persuasion to encourage behavior change. Mobile devices can provide just in time assistance when it is most needed and thereby enhance an individual's ability to quit tobacco use.


3/21/13 - 8/31/18


National Cancer Institute (NCI)