Ecological Approach to Family Intervention and Treatment (EcoFIT) Integrated with PBS: An Effectiveness Trial in Middle School

Investigators are testing the effectiveness of the EcoFIT school-home intervention under scaled-up conditions using a randomized controlled trial.

EcoFIT is a tailored family intervention implemented within middle schools that have adopted positive behavior support (PBIS) systems. The intervention consists of three components: (a) a Family Resource Center, housed in schools, which provides information on schoolwide PBIS, parenting skills, and behavior support; (b) the Family Check-Up, which targets family management and socialization practices to reduce and prevent the onset of student problem behavior and to increase academic success; and (c) a menu of further intervention and treatment options.

From numerous studies across diverse settings, the EcoFIT intervention has been shown to have solid evidence of efficacy for reducing problem behaviors in the school and home environments and increasing academic achievement and attendance.


3/1/09 - 2/28/15


United States Department of Education


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