Social-Spatial Risk and Protective Mechanisms in Urban Adolescent Substance Use

Research scientists are examining the association between place-based social networks and substance use among adolescents.
Co Investigators

The goal of this study is to specify and test the social and spatial mechanisms imbedded within the dynamic processes of high-risk behaviors for urban youth in order to build scientifically driven preventive interventions. Spatial data will be collected that incorporate subjects’ activity space (routine locations) which adds a geographic dimension to the social network data. We will be able to identify highly specific spatial mechanisms that interact with place-based social networks and time, producing an integrated analysis of youth risk behavior across multiple levels and time points. Our design will allow for the capturing of a natural history of risk behavior symptoms over time, in real-world settings.


4/1/12 - 3/31/17


National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)