Dana K. Smith, Ph.D., Research Scientist


Education & Training

B.A., 1993
University of Washington, Seattle WA

M.S., 1997
San Francisco State University, San Franciso CA

Ph.D., 2002
University of Oregon, Eugene OR
Counseling Psychology

Dr. Smith’s research has focused primarily on the development and treatment of adolescent offending and co-occurring disorders. She has developed and tested the use of an integrated treatment intervention for adolescent girls with co-occurring delinquency and trauma exposure, and has co-led additional related juvenile justice and child welfare intervention studies.

Current Projects

The ProGirls Study


10/01/13 - 05/31/20


National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)




Principal Investigator
Dana Smith

Herbert Severson

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Smith, D. K., & Saldana, L. (2014). 'Trauma, delinquency, and substance use: Co-occurring problems for adolescent girls in the juvenile justice system': Corrigendum. Journal Of Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse, 23(2), 144. doi:10.1080/1067828X.2014.879523

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Saldana, L., Smith, D. K., & Weber, E. (2013). Adolescent onset of maternal substance abuse: Descriptive findings from a feasibility trial. Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse.

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Smith, D. K., Chamberlain, P., & Deblinger, E. (2012). Adapting Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care for the treatment of co-occurring trauma and delinquency in adolescent girls. Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma, 5, 224–238.

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Smith, D. K., Leve, L. D., & Chamberlain, P. C. (2011). Preventing internalizing and externalizing problems in girls in foster care as they enter middle school: Immediate impact of an intervention. Prevention Science, 12 (3), 269–277.

abstract or Full Text

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Research Scientist
Oregon Research Institute, Eugene, OR

Research Scientist
Oregon Social Learning Center, Eugene, OR

TFC Consultants Inc., Eugene, OR

Program Supervisor & Research Associate
Oregon Social Learning Center & OSLC Community Programs, Eugene, OR

Individual/Family Therapist and Case Manager
Oregon Social Learning Center, Eugene, OR

Psychology Intern
Morrison Center, Portland, OR

Child/Family Practicum Supervisor
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Counseling Consultant
Early Intervention, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Supervisor, Family & Community Services
Graduate Teaching Fellow
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Counseling Trainee
North San Mateo County Mental Health, Daly City, CA

School Counseling Trainee
San Bruno Park School District, San Bruno, CA

Research Assistant
Oregon Social Learning Center, Eugene, OR