Jacqueline Huscroft-D'Angelo, Ph.D., Research Scientist

Education & Training

Doctorate of Philosophy, Educational Studies, 2012
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Special Education and Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Master of Science, 2009
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Educational Administration

Master of Science, 2007
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Special Education

Bachelors of Science, 2005
Peru State College

Dr. Huscroft-D'Angelo's research focuses on developing and evaluating interventions to address the educational needs of students with or at-risk of emotional/ behavioral disorders and those in residential or foster care settings. Her work focuses on improving these students’ educational outcomes and health literacy, parents’ involvement in school and understanding of special education, and professional development for educators working with these students, as well as mathematical reasoning of students with learning disabilities.

Current Projects

Fostering Educational Success: Engaging Families, Empowering Youth


12/02/22 - 09/30/24


Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education


Active and Recruiting


Principal Investigator
Jacqueline Huscroft-D'Angelo

Alexandra Torkelson-Trout

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Duppong Hurley, K., Farley, J., & Huscroft-D’Angelo, J. (2022). Assessing treatment integrity of parent-to-parent phone support for families of students with emotional and behavioral disturbance. Journal of School Mental Health, 14, 35–48.

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Huscroft-D’Angelo, J., Farley, J., Trout, A. L., & Duppong Hurley, K. (In press). Preparing parents to engage in the special education process: A descriptive examination of knowledge, training, and access to resources. Exceptionality.

Jansz Reiken, C., Griffith, A.K., Huscroft-D’Angelo, J., & Tyler, R. (in press). Sources of information considered relevant by physicians when prescribing psychotropic medication to children with autism spectrum disorder. Advances in Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

Farley, J. Huscroft-D’Angelo, J., Duppong Hurley, K., Aitken, A., & Trout, A. L. (In press). Teacher perspectives on information sharing and parent knowledge of special education. Journal of At-Risk Issues.

Huscroft-D’Angelo, J. & Trout, A. L. (In press). The Education of Students Involved in Foster Care: What Educators Need to Know. ReThinking Behavior.

Huscroft-D’Angelo, J., Poling, D., & Trout, A. L. (2021). Foster parent perspectives on necessary supports for youth and their families departing foster care. Journal of Social Work. Advance online publication.

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Tyler, P., Mason, A., Vollmer, B. & Trout, A. L. (2021). Practice to Research and Back in a Social Service Agency: Trying to DO BETTER. Child & Youth Care Forum, 50, 149-165.

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Lambert, M. C., Trout, A., Huscroft-D’Angelo, J., & Duppong Hurley, K. (2021). Psychometrics of the Family Empowerment Scale for caregivers of youth leaving residential care. Journal of Public Child Welfare, 15, 433-448.

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Huscroft-D’Angelo, J., Trout, A. L., Poling, D., Brown, A., Dittimer, C., & Ajuoga, L. (2021). Service provider perspectives of educational supports for students transitioning from foster care to permanency placements. Journal of Public Child Welfare. Advance online publication.

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Lambert, M.L., Duppong Hurley, K., January, S.A., & Huscroft-D’Angelo, J. (2021).  The role of parental involvement in narrowing the academic achievement gap for high school students with elevated emotional and behavioral risks. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, 30 (1).

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Huscroft-D’Angelo, J., Wery, J., Martin, J.D., Pierce, C., & Loftin, K. (2021). The Scale for Assessing Emotional Disturbance – Third Edition: Reliability and validity of the Screener. Assessment for Effective Intervention, 47(3).

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Farley, J., Huscroft-D’Angelo, J., Trout, A. L., & Duppong Hurley, K. (2020). A review of web-based special education resources provided to parents by state departments of education. Journal of Special Education, 54(3), 180-190.

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Huscroft-D’Angelo, J., Trout, A., Duppong Hurley, K., Lambert, M (2020). Parents as partners: Empowering parents of youth with emotional and behavioral disorders. ReThinking Behavior, 4(1), 22-27.

Huscroft-D’Angelo, J., Trout, A. L., Henningsen, C., Patwardhan, I., Lambert, M., Synhorst, L., & Tyler, P. (2019). Legal professional perspectives on supports for youth and families during reunification from foster care. Children and Youth Services Review, 107.

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March, 2022 - Present
Research Scientist
Oregon Research Institute, Eugene OR

August, 2019 -Present
Associate Research Professor,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE.

October, 2015-Present
Assistant Research Professor,
University of Nebraska Lincoln, Lincoln, NE.

August, 2015-October, 2015
Associate Research Faculty,
ANSERS Institute, College of Education, Texas Christian University.

August, 2012- July, 2015
Assistant Research Faculty,
ANSERS Institute, College of Education, Texas Christian University.

June, 2013-August, 2013
Independent Research Consultant,
University of Oregon, Center for Applied Technology and Education, Eugene OR

August, 2009-May, 2012
Graduate Research Assistant,
Center for Child and Family Well-Being, University of Nebraska-Lincoln/ Boys Town, Lincoln NE

June, 2006 - August, 2009
Educational Therapist,
Boys Town National Research Hospital, Omaha, NE

August, 2005-May, 2006
Elementary Special Education Teacher,
Westside Community Schools, Omaha, NE.