oriannualreport2013ORI 2013 Annual Report is now available on line.  Click here to view a pdf version.

ORI RESEARCH REPORT -How Personality Traits Predict Health Outcomes - In this 8 minute video Dr. Sarah Hampson discusses how personality traits identified early in life can help predict health outcomes in adults, and how we can use that knowledge to improve human wellbeing.

Oregon Research Institute researchers study human behavior to learn why people behave the way they do and to develop programs to help people lead healthier lives.  Learn more about our evidence based programs.


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Teen Weight Gain Linked to TV Food Commercials

New research suggests that food commercials “get under the skin” of teens by activating brain reward regions when they view ads for milk shakes, or burgers, or colas.

National Prevention Network Conference

ORI Science Director and Senior Scientist Carol W. Metzler, Ph.D., will deliver a keynote address as part of a panel at the National Prevention Network Conference on September 17....

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Featured Employee

Sonja YokumSonja Yokum, Ph.D., has been a research associate at ORI since 2006 when she joined ORI as a Post-doc. Sonja got her doctorate in Psychology and Health in from the University of Tilbuerg in The Netherlands in 2006. Sonja conducts correlational and prospective studies on the correlates and predictors of eating pathology and obesity and has particular expertise in brain imaging and in fMRI paradigm design, acquisition, and analysis. She has been involved in several prospective fMRI studies to identify risk factors for future increases in eating disorders and body mass. When not in the lab, Dr. Yokum enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children. When she has time and/or energy left over, she enjoys music, painting, relaxing, and travelling.