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Bilingual Students in the PreK-2 Classroom

"Literacy Success for Emergent Bilinguals" by Senior Research Associate Theresa A. Roberts, Ph.D., has recently been published by Teachers College Press.

Marijuana's Health Effects

The National Academy of Sciences's new book on the health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids summarizes current scientific evidence & makes recommendations for future research.

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RamonaORI is proud to announce the promotion of longtime employee Ramona McCoy to the position of ORI IT Manager. Ramona has served as the Media Services Manager since she was hired in 1990. She has successfully led ORI through many transitions, including moving from analog video data collection to digital. Trained as a videographer and graphic artist, Ramona is responsible for design and layout of all ORI organizational materials, including brochures and the Annual Report. She lives on a small farm south of Eugene with many chickens, goats, and horses. Congratulations, Ramona!